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Society of the Greek World

Tuesday, 29 August  14:00–18:00, University of Vienna, HS 34, raised ground floor

Chair: Thomas Corsten 

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14:00–14:30Sara Chiarini: The Nonsense Dipinti on Attic Pottery: The Rediscovery of a Neglected Source for Socio-Linguistics and Literacy Studies       
14:30–15:00Sviatoslav Dmitriev: Inscriptional and literary evidence for borders of Attic demes reconsidered 
15:00–15:30Taisuke Okada: Crew composition in the 5th century BCE Athenian fleet: An analysis of ‘the Athenian Naval Catalogue’ inscription   
15:30–16:00Dominika Grzesik: The role of Delphic families in Delphic society – the relationship between the community and its elites in post-classical times

Coffee break 16:00–16:30

16:30–17:00Christel Müller: Who’s who in Roman Akraiphia? Interwoven identities in a Boeotian city of the Late Hellenistic and Early Imperial periods
17:00–17:30Patricia Butz: Bilingualism, society, and the epigraphical landscape at Hellenistic Roman Delos
17:30–18:00Alfred Twardecki: Bosporan Kingdom’s elite in the light of epigraphy (5th–1st century BC)

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