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Dienstag 29. August, Universität Wien, HS 21, Hochparterre

Sektionsleitung: Joshua Sosin

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14:10–14:35 Yanne Broux, Mark Depauw, Herbert Verreth: Trismegistos goes global: inscriptions, places and people    
14:35–15:00 Ulrich Huttner, Julien M. Ogereau: The Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae Database: Towards a Digital Corpus of Early Christian Inscriptions from Greece and Asia Minor    
15:00–15:25 Chiara Lasagni: “The epigraphic landscape of Athens”: preliminary results for a semantics of Athenian topography    
15:25–15:50Neel Smith: Morphological parsing of Greek inscriptions in multiple dialects and alphabets

Kaffeepause 15:50–16:20

16:20–16:45Ernest Suyver: SEG Forward. Further development of SEG as a digital publication
16:45–17:10John Traill: The ATHENIANS Project and Databases
17:10–17:35Rada Varga: Romans 1 by 1. New developments in the study of Roman population
17:35–18:00Pietro Maria Liuzzo, Silvia Orlandi: From EAGLE to Koinè

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